Before we even started, we decided to rely on limited collections in small quantities to counter mass production and the fast fashion trend. Our goal is to produce products which can be worn for several years. Therefore, we invest in premium, high-end quality to make sure that you can wear our products for a long time, environmental sustainable materials and in a positive social impact

But how do we achieve this quality and reach our goals? 
First of all, we invest a lot of time in sampling. We optimize our products until they're absolutely perfect, no matter who long it takes and how much it costs us. We want to create perfect patterns which flatter almost everyone in order to keep the return quote as low as possible and avoid unnecessary shipping. Most of Kokonut's pieces are hand made, custom print, high-end fabrics, and carefully highest quality of selected embelishments. Just as unique as the women they are made for!

The fabric is the main key of KONONUT. Most of the fabrics we use are made from 100% recycled ECONYL®  yarn. this is the ultimate sustainable, soft, durable and luxurious material who contribute to clean the oceans of the bad stuff like fish nets retrieved from the ocean, water bottles, textile and used carped scraps. All of those materials is turned into nylon ECONYL® to create our swimsuit fabrics. Because we think swimwear should help clean up our waters, not pollute them. Clean the seas with us!

      WEAR US WITH LOVE         
We want the highest quality, sustainability and durability of fabrics for each of you, gilrs. We can promis that our swimwears will always stay as beautiful as the day you got it. As we are in a generation that everythings is cheap and fast made, KOKONUT wants to brake the rules and show you that its still possible to stay in perfect conditions afters years. We know it's very important for every girls to feel empowered & confortable so we took great time making costum swimwear for every woman. For us its really important that you wear your KOKONUT bikini with love, that give girls self-confident and self-love. KOKONUT took the time to do everything with passion & love for you girls. 
wear us with love 
We paid special attention to our packaging and handtag. We've designed special costumers packaging for you to feel full of love when you will receive your lovely pieces. Of corse, we also choose high quality materials for the packagings As we want the best in every aspect of our brand. KOKONUT wants  to spread love.
Everything is recycled, recyclable or biodegradable because for us it's important to help our planet. Will be happy if you continue to use our packaging, if not, we highly encourage our costumers to recycle properly.
All of our swimwear are proudly Designed  in Canada.